As well as our core activity in developing our key product CHAI, Elidir Health’s experienced team have an array of technical, UX design, process analysis and form digitisation skills that can be adopted, hired, or made use of. Either as part and parcel of a bigger contract within or as well as the provision of services for a particular institution or organisation, or equally as independent skills in and of themselves to individual clients aside from buying into our whole package.

Process Improvement & Consultancy With two years direct experience working closely with NHS healthcare clinicians in their environment, we have gained a great deal of knowledge centred around the specific roles and tasks performed within NHS healthcare. As a consequence of our close working processes in co-developing CHAI, we have gained a deep understanding of best practice and how digital technologies can improve care, save time, and increase efficiencies.

Software Development We have a strong team of developers and work closely with other innovative partners. We are always looking to be one step ahead of the game and going deeper into solutions to create robust, secure, and fast software. CHAI is but one example of the kind of development ideas we have realised, with plenty more waiting in the wings. Maybe your project could be next?

UX/UI Interface Design UX and User Interface design is essential to the success of any mobile technology product. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to create effective, efficient and sensible design implementation with an efficient team able to turn an idea into a reality in a short space of time. Your idea is our design challenge, and we relish a good challenge.

Bespoke Form Generation A key element of our co-development work in creating CHAI has been the increased sophistication possible with the digitisation of existing paper based administrative systems. We have developed various tools, as are demonstrated within CHAI, that can make any administrative process more useful in it’s very essence. Filling in paperwork can be a chore sometimes without meaning, once digitised and re-presented within our CHAI interface, this information is always readily and easily accessible, making tasks easier, information retrieval at your fingertips, and data capture truly useful. The tools we have developed can be applied to any administrative interface we might like to undertake.

Please contact us if you would like to explore a project further, or would like more information re our key product CHAI.