Our fresh approach uses a combination of expertise and design to create a practical mobile application product suite that can be used in a modern healthcare environment. For us, cybernetic approaches are the convergence of design, user interface (UI) and information-technology systems, enabling the creation of secure, reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions.


CHAI harnesses the power of mobile computing and state of the art user experience design to create an information interface which allows secondary healthcare professionals and their teams to be significantly more effective at delivering care, while improving efficiency, patient safety and quality of care.

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A TASTE OF CHAI (To be released soon)

A Taste of CHAI is our stripped down version of the full version of CHAI currently under development. It does not contain or save any personal patient data, but does allow nurses to reference the most commonly accessed charts and carry out common calculations. It is a stand alone app and can be used on any device.

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PATIENT FEEDBACK (Development Project)

Our digital patient engagement platform will allow patients to feedback on their treatment while in the ward and also to review their experience after their stay in hospital. It is fast, easy and real-time.

I_am_a_patient will get feedback from patients during their treatment in the ward, and can be used by the hospital to collect valuable, real time feedback & data throughout a patient’s stay in hospital.

I_was_a_patient will allow patients to give feedback on their experience subsequent to their stay in hospital. Hospitals can access data on their institution through a subscription.

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